Facial Treatments

Our facial treatment is a service from our experienced staff that scrubs and exfoliates for a fresh and smooth appearance. This service exfoliates all of the dirt and toxins to brighten and tighten all facial wrinkles after the first time.

Thai Massage

Maintains health using a massage commonly used in Thailand for many generations. Helps muscles relax and stimulates blood circulation. Reduce stress leaves the skin fee- ing better.

Aroma Massage

Uses essential oils. The smell of essential oils have the ability to reduce stress and induce relaxation of the body and mind .

Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology massages muscles to restore balance in the body.

Body Scrub Treatments

Our body scrub treatment is full featured and tailored to customer prefer- ence. Recommended by professional masseuses world wide. Gently eliminates dead skin cells. Depending on the customer’s skin type we use a cream or oil scrub for unique results accommodating every skin type.