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Salmon Sashimi Grade

Pre-rigor Norwegian salmon fillets are processed less than 2 hours after being caught. This means they are super fresh and delicious. Products are freshly imported from Norway every week.

Wild Line Caught Pacific Cod

100% natural and fully sustainable. Loins are skinless and boneless

Wild Hokkaido Ikura

Selected premium Ikura from Hokkaido. This Salmon Roe is made the same day the fish are caught, which ensures the highest quality and freshest product possible. Soy Sauce, Syrup and Mirin processed IKURA is an essential delicacy of Japanese cuisine. The briny taste and sweet flavor are important things to release the unique flavor.

Wild Hokkaido Scallops

Recognized as the finest scallops in the world, Hokkaido scallops are preferred by sushi chefs worldwide. Sweet in flavor, serve raw or delicately sautéed to highlight the natural flavor of these succulent scallops.

Cold Smoke Salmon Fillet

Frozen Cold Smoke Salmon straight from Atlantic is perfect for parties. This cold smoked salmon is cured perfectly with balance seasoning making it delicate yet richly flavored salmon. Salmon remains the most popular smoked fish in modern cuisine. A ready to serve with selection of some mixed salads for wonderful feast

Sea Scallops

Scallops have a rich taste of sweetness that will caramelize naturally when cooking and turns to a golden brown color that is very attractive when serving.

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Smoked Tomme Cheese

A firm French style cows cheese smoked with lychee wood.

Brie with Truffle

A small locally made raw milk, double cream brie from Nakon Sawan with fresh truffle.


A medium sized locally made raw milk Camembert from Nakon Sawan.

Halloumi Cheese

A fresh Cypriot style cheese that is great for grilling. Made with cow's milk. Made in Chiang Rai


A medium sized locally made raw milk Rebruchon from Nakon Sawan.


A small locally made raw milk Munster from Nakon Sawan.


Imported Foie Gras(grade A)

The finest premium quality duck foie gras comes from the highest standards of our producers that satisfy European and International requirements. Can be used as the key ingredient for a delicious terrine.

Whole Duck Foie Gras Grade A

Imported Duck Foie Gras (grade A) from Hungary.

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