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Passion w/o Borders

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Vooya: Learning without Borders (Vooya) specializes in active multidisciplinary and multi senses experiential learning. We create experiential study tour that provides students the opportunities to explore their passion and interest while broadening their perspective through travelling. Each of our education program always has the following elements: Voyage for Passion Exploration, Experiential Learning, Without Borders.

Unlocking You Project

UnlockingYou London LITE

10 Day in London

UnlockingYou Tokyo

9 Day in Tokyo

UnlockingYou Sydney

8 Day in Sydney + Gold Coast

UnlockingYou London

10 Day in London

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Vooya - Learning without Borders (Vooya) specializes in Experiential Study Tour. We facilitate learning through adventure that allows one to explore passion and interest, as well as broadening perspective while traveling. For full description of job opportunities, check: 1. Education Consultant: https://goo.gl/n9p5Da 2. Digital, Social Media & Content Specialist 3. 1.5-3 months Internship Program Please send your resume to recruitment@vooya.id with this subject LINE_[Position Applied]_[Name]

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