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"HOOG" established under concept "Light, Smart and Friendly" this to fulfill need of customer. We believed that every users have different perspective. Thus, most of hoog product can be change material to maximise use of product. So, you may see our signature Plong Chair in many variety from red color in Rubber Wood to top grain leather seat or synthetic stone seat in Solid Walnut frame.

HOOG is very flexible in material, we have material line from premium top leather to standard PU leather, fabric we gives optional to designer to choose whatever require, Glass, Ceramic, Mirror, Steel, Stainless, Stone.
We offer different standard species of wood; Oak, Rubber Wood, Ash, Beech

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Plong's Collection

Plong bench is a long seating suitable for both houses and public spaces like restaurant, coffee shops, etc. The round design with solid white oak’s grain deliver a warm and friendly feel to user. As a part of Plong collection, the bench goes well with Plong table alongside Plong chair and Plong stool.

Saowaluck armchair

Saowaluck chair is crafted using the knowledge of joinery and mechanics on solid wood by studying how to cross straight lines in angles on wood. It has strong joints and beautiful straight lines at the same time, being tested and improved with different proportion and joinery with high precision. The chair utilizes these challenging “Angular Straight Lines” to be unique in both form and shape of chair, while retaining its lightness, strength and comfort.

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