Angels Share葡萄酒專賣

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「Angels Share葡萄酒專賣」分別有「Angels Share品味館」、「Angels Share暢貨館」針對不同需求提供線上零售、團購&批發等相關服務,「Angels Share品味講堂」則是針對一般大眾提供葡萄酒專業知識及品酒課程,針對餐飲業及酒類從業人員則提供門市零售、通路批發及網路行銷等專業行銷與銷售課程。 「Angels Share品味館」---2019年10月底起以線上服務為主,提供法國進口級數酒、各國公開市場酒款、單瓶、免運等相關資訊及服務。 「Angels Share 暢貨館」---提供線上挑選各國進口葡萄酒類產品,提供會員、批發制之團購、批發服務,期以「買越多、省越多」的購物方式,提供會員們更便利、省錢的管道購得喜愛的葡萄酒。 「Angels Share 品味講堂」---提供各式品酒會、盲評會、品酒技巧、專業知識以及生活與社交應用等各類課程及相關活動。 Angels Share is a professional wine supplier provides all kinds of wine from all over the world. Angels Share now has 3 different parts provide different services. "Angels Share Wine House" provides on-line service and focus on selling Grand Crus and Open Markets wines. "Angels Share Wine Outlet" is an on-line service to provide members wines with "the outlet price" according to the quantity. Quick & free delivery service". "Angels Share Wine Class" provides professional wine class to improve your tasting skills, contact us for details. 編輯

Country or region: Taiwan