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Welcome to Goodvibe Nimman, 3-storey house with very modern & comfortable rooms for 8-9 guests in a hip street as Nimman Rd. Easy to access the popular places by walking just a few steps. The home Consist of -3 Bedrooms (with small balcony for all) -2 King beds, 1 Queen bed and 1 Sofa Bed -1 Walk-in Closet -4 Bathrooms -1 Kitchen room -1 Living room/office room Furthermore, We provide High Speed Internet, Netflix, Home Theater, Laundry Equipment, Kitchenware and office equipment. Easy to approach the most popular check in point in Chiangmai such as cafes, restaurants, galleries, ice-cream shop and nightclub by walking just a few steps. Flour Flour 50M SS1254372 100M Charin Pie 120M Rock Me Burger 200M Yayee Roof bar 160 M คั่วไก่นิมมาน 270M Iberry Garden 260M Roxpresso Coffee Craft 190M Style me 200M TWJ 350M TongTemToh (ต๋องเต็มโต๊ะ) 350M Mango Tango 260M Cheevit Cheeva 290M Brown Café 450M The Baristro 450M Warm Up Café 500 M Mont Nomsod (มนต์นมสด) 650M Free airport pick up

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Pack 1. Entire Home + New Vios

5,900 B.

Pack2. Entire Home + New Civic

6,500 B.

Pack 3. Entire Home + Fortuner

6,900 B.

Ladyfirst Entire Home

5,500 B.

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Founder October 2018

Country or region: Thailand