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What’s your plan this winter? Do you just want to eat-sleep-repeat? Or perhaps, you want to create an unforgettable memory and doing extra ordinary activities? If you choose the second option, this is your last chance to embark on a journey of passion exploration in ...See More
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Darmawangsa Square 1st Floor Unit 68, Jl. Darmawan… See More

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Hours Tue - Sat : 09.00 - 18.00
Closed on Sunday and Monday
URL http://www.vooya.id/
Phone 0818520900

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Vooya: Learning without Borders (Vooya) specializes in active multidisciplinary and multi senses experiential learning. We create experiential study tour that provides students the opportunities to explore their passion and interest while broadening their…See More


Vooya - Learning without Borders (Vooya) specializes in Experiential Study Tour. We facilitate learning through adventure that allows one to explore passion and interest, as well as broadening perspective while traveling.

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