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Poise Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded since 2003, according to the inspiration to provided the best customized network and communication solutions to satisfy variety for customer preferences. Poise Tech. pioneers are engineering and marketing professionals. Having experiences in education and IT industries for years, our technical experts deliver the best complete service solution to meet our customers' requirements. Apart of being the solution provider, we are the authorized distributor for multiple VOIP devices such as * IP-PBX * IP Phone * VoIP Card * GSM and Analog Gateway * Video Conference System * Microsoft Lync Device * SBC (Voice Security) In order to serve our clients better , we always strive to design the effective, synthesized, and cost sensitive solution . Our online work-flow management enables us to provide the customer creativity, productivity, and cost efficiency.

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Plextel, Zycoo

IP Phone


GSM Gateway


VoIP Gateway

Sangoma, OpenVox, Soundwin

Video Conference Device

Orion, Yealink, Aver

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