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LIBOTHAI Academy is an institution under the umbrella of LIBOTHAI Law Firm Co., Ltd. Our goal is to empower everyone with legal knowledge through courses on law.

Since the law is crucial for all aspects of professional life, work, and daily living, we are dedicated to taking the real-world knowledge and experiences from our law firm, LIBOTHAI Law Firm, and refining and presenting it from the perspective of learners who need to engage with the law themselves. This allows individuals interested in learning about the law to apply this knowledge to their organizations effectively.

LIBOTHAI Academy aims to transform everyone's perspective on the law. We change the way you may have thought of law as complex and difficult by opening a new door, a door that makes legal education easy to understand and accessible to all. Not only online platforms, but our expert instructors also offer their expertise to organizations and educational institutions onside as well.

Country or region: Thailand