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Reuso is a modular carpet tile designed to utilise every square inch produced to reduce waste. With two options of environmentally respectful backing types, Reuso offers a package both inspired by, and the genuine reuse of everyday materials into new products.

Beneath the Surface

The collection provides a dynamic sense of flow and movement in very natural colour tones with the occasional emergence of hot lava, gem like formations within the cracks or the rebirth of nature as grass and moss begins to grow on the devastated landscape.

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Carpets Inter is Asia- Pacific’s largest carpet manufacturer for the contract industry, offering an extensive range of floor covering materials and techniques, including Carpet tile, Broadloom-tufted, Axminster, and Automotive carpet. Our fully integrated manufacturing processes and our commitment to reliable service enable us to provide turn-key solutions to projects of any scale, making us Asia’s quintessential one-stop source for high-quality, sustainably produced carpets to the commercial sector.

Country or region: Thailand