La Croute

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Bonjour People! Let's celebrate with some pies. Get 17% off for any pie you bought and with no minimum order! # only available for Take Away/Go-send and Grab Express Delivery Bisous, La Croûte
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  • Le Regal du Chocolat

    Le Regal du Chocolat

    Idr 35k / slice

  • L'Oreo du Chocolat

    L'Oreo du Chocolat

    Idr 35k / slice


Jl K.H Syahdan no. 16
Binus Syahdan

Business Information

Hours GoFood Wed & Thu: 08:00-20:00
Closed on sat,sun
Budget Lunch Chocolat 35k / Dinner Cheese 40k
Phone 081563198523

Account Intro

Bonjour people!
La Croûte serve you the one and only frozen pie in town. Any addiction will not be guaranteed.
Keep freezing people!

*We are not guarantee with any damage by the failure of the shipment couriers*
*Kami tidak bertanggungjawab atas kerusa…
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