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September 2007. KICKS LAB. - a sneaker tradeshow manifested itself out of a need and vision where sneaker lovers could come together and share their love for kicks. This event brought an unprecedented number of people and appealed to many sneaker lovers. After 2 years, in October 2008 the grand opening of KICKS LAB.- the first sneaker shop of its kind opened in the heart of fashion mecca of Japan- Harajuku. Unbound by domestic boundaries and with an independent and highly creative eye, KICKS LAB. has become the topic of sneaker lovers worldwide. In particular KICKS LAB is the first shop of its kind to house models unreleased in Japan and overseas exclusives that can only be bought here. As a place where sneaker lovers can come in contact with rare product- KICKS LAB. has won the respect of many sneaker fans. KICKS LAB. is and will continue to make footprints in this industry. A number of special releases and original collaborations are in the works.

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KICKS LAB. 原宿店 住所:東京都渋谷区神宮前4-32-4 1F 電話番号:03-6459-2124 営業時間:12:00~20:00 (月曜日~土曜日) 12:00~19:30 (日曜日)  内装デザイン:Landscape Products Co.,Ltd. 壁画:MHAK 取り扱いブランド : adidas Originals, Asics SportStyle, converse, FILA, JASON MARKK, KEEN, le coq sportif, MERRELL, PUMA, Reebok CLASSIC, SALOMON, SOREL, THE NORTH FACE, Timberland, OAKLEY,STANCE ,,,,etc

KICKS LAB. ピノ原宿店

東京都渋谷区神宮前4-28-18 ピノ原宿 PHONE: 03-6455-4234 OPEN:12:00~20:00 (MON-SAT)  12:00~19:30 (SUN)  取り扱いブランド NIKE,JASON MARKK,OAKLEY etc...

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Country or region: Japan