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MANGO MOJITO was founded in 2009, with the cooperation of two best friends, Mr. Jirarot Pojanavaraphan (Wat) and Mr. Silratth Sukwatthanasiri (Ong). Sharing the same taste and affinity for fashion, the two friends felt the inadequacy of luxurious men’s footwear in Thailand’s market and decided to launch their own brand. Passion for shoes, attention to details, and refinements are qualities possessed by the two founders. These are the basic philosophy in which our proud creation were crafted and have become the unique characteristics of MANGO MOJITO shoes. MANGO MOJITO seeks perfection in every detail of our craftsmanship. Every step of the shoe-making processes is passed through the hands of our skilled shoe maker. High quality leather was masterfully cut, sewn, and assembled into a pair of shoes before receiving a final touch by our colorist who applies the patina to enhance its classic and elegant appearance.

Country or region: Thailand