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Throughout 20 years of establishment, Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd. has a strong willingness to deliver business management innovation to increase business strength and sustainability to our customers which are achieved through concise innovative working procedure and ability to explore new opportunities that leads the business to “Offer Value”.  We deliver the Business Innovation Process through MS DYN AX / NAV, and HR-Focus. oAlso, we implement Infrastructure Optimization and Security based on physical, virtual, and cloud.  The customers’ success is reflected by many awards we have got. We were awarded no.1 in Asia as Microsoft Business Solutions Partner in 2003, 2012-2014. Obviously, we are the Asia Platinum Award Solution Integrator. Also we are the TH partner of the year: Cloud Platform, Cloud Rookie, and MS DYN.  Importantly, we have vertical certified solutions and prominent expertise in various industries ie CPG, agricultural, automotive, service, hospitality, property,and retail.

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