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關於成長與蛻變,看待事物的面貌也調整了一些 比起從前,更在乎接觸時的感動與細節 追求美感的執著依舊,找尋簡單中隱藏的設計巧思、 舒適中堅持的時尚品味,這些, 變得更耐人尋味。 延長衣著的賞味期成為思考的核心, 打造簡單永恆感,一段時間再從衣櫃拿出都能自信的著裝。 We are about ever going growth and change, always looking at things differently. Compared to the past, we are ever more concerned about the element of detail and surprise we are able to bring to you. Pursuing beauty through simple design, comfort and trend has become the interest to the majority. To create a simple lifestyle, these are the core elements that make our clothing the simple winner as you go through your closet. - INSTAGRAM :

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