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Esgotado is not a newcomer in clothing factories, started from convection house named AC Production / Abe Clothing that has long been established since 1988 in Bandung.         This garment produced variety products such as T-shirt, jacket, sweater, jeans, pants, hat, bag, wallet, and any other product. Here also offered any kind of merchandise like mug, embroidery stuff, banner, and others. All of these products are specially designed for kids, women, men, teens, and for government concerns.         Then they made a new brand named Esgotado on November 2012 and bring up tagline “Good Choice for Good Looking”. Of course this changing not only offers different concepts that more interesting, but also provide new product with new style adapted to trend fashion in this era. As one of senior in brand clothing, Esgotado always keeps their quality and service from time to time, only to make their customer always satisfy and never regret for shopping at this factory outlet.

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