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爽拿獎學金 下一個就是你 ‪#TakeAJourney‬ GeneTex為鼓勵台灣優秀學子於國際學術會議發表相關研究成果,及促進與國際學者進行學術交流,達到提升校園研究風氣,並善盡企業之社會責任,特設立本資助計畫。 第一輪金額計新台幣30萬元 第一輪金額計新台幣30萬元 第一輪金額計新台幣30萬元 第二輪資助準備中,立刻回傳#vote投票成為下一個吧! ↓↓↓點擊看詳情↓↓↓ http://www.genetex.com/Web/News/NewsList.aspx?id=408
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GeneTex produces high quality antibodies and research reagents validated through extensive research, development and testing. Our products have earned the trust of the research community for their quality and reliability.

Because of GeneTex's extensive e…
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We always welcome talented, hardworking people to bring diverse experiences and expertise to our team. If you are interested in working in a dynamic and challenging environment that capitalizes on your strengths and abilities, please contact us for the ex…See More