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Fastlane By Endlessmore

THE FASTLANE SYSTEM has two parts: a remotely located Hydraulic Power Unit that powers the swim current and the Swim Unit that mounts poolside. These components are connected by two hydraulic hoses designed to keep electricity far away from the water. The poolside Swim Unit includes a submerged hydraulic motor that turns our custom-designed 16″ propeller and an innovative channeling system that straightens and smooths the swim current. The rugged 5 horsepower Power Unit is typically located with your other pool equipment, keeping any electricity away from the pool. The remote Hydraulic Power Unit contains 5 gallons of biodegradable vegetable- based hydraulic fluid that is pumped to the Swim Unit. By varying the flow of oil you change the speed of the propeller and thus the swim current. The Fastlane can be installed in virtually any new or existing in-ground concrete, gunite, masonry, vinyl-lined or fiberglass pool, and in many above-ground pools as well. The Swim Unit can be placed in water as shallow as 35″. Generally speaking, if the pool is deep enough for swimming, it’s deep enough for a Fastlane. Learning to use your Fastlane takes only seconds. Turn the Fastlane on by pressing the On/Off button on your remote control. Faster and Slower buttons allow you to set the water speed at a comfortable level for your needs.

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