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Aluminium Can

330 ml.

TBC Standard Can

Cans today come in varying heights and diameters, however the 330 ml format stands as the iconic size for many a soft drink and beer brand. This ‘original’ is joined by a host of other size formats to round out the standard can family, providing brands with series of formats to meet their beverage needs.

TBC Sleek Can

The sleek can – sleek to the eye, as well as on the weight scale, weighs in at a trim 9.5 grams. This can is proving to be the packaging of choice for many brands in the health and wellness beverage sectors.

TBC Slim Can

With its strikingly slender silhouette, the slim can cuts a fine figure, making it the perfect away-from-home companion. This solution is also a smart format for brands seeking to target single-family households, and for the the health and functional drinks segments – a marketing hero and keen on-shelf differentiator.


With 250ml content and a cute look, stubby can is now a tremendously popular can package for energy drink, functional drink, Juice, carbonated drink, etc.

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