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Health & safety

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The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation. This week-long workshop will give you the foundation to be able to use with one bowl of the Seven Chakra bowls for self-healing and healing of family and friends. You will learn the theory, techniques with ample practicing time during the course.


REIKI LEVEL 3 MASTER เรกิ ระดับ ๓ .Reiki is a non-invasive, deeply relaxing, holistic healing technique that amplifies the body’s own potential to heal itself of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ‘dis-ease’. Reiki Level 3 is the professional Reiki Master certification for those committed to opening their own practice to serve the greater public. Reiki Level 2 is a prerequisite.


“The gong is the sound of Creativity itself. One who plays the gong plays the Universe.”– Yogi Bhajan In this 4 hours intensive you will learn an overview of the history of the gong, the different types of gongs, the basics of approaching a gong, creating rapport with it, and most importantly learn and practice basic strokes and playing patterns. You will develop your ability to listen, to become one with the gong and to understand how to tap into the universal sound current.


This half day workshop will take you through the history of tarot, the fundamentals of reading, understanding the arcana and teach you some basic spreads. Gain some knowledge the fundamental of Tarot Card Reading.



Join this carefully created & magical celebration in our garden oasis to celebrate the pink super moon in scorpio! Gather around the fire pit, breath, release, meditate then bathe in healing vibrations of sound, with a community of like minded people. The Full Moon’s potent energy has been celebrated and harnessed for centuries in various cultures, as it produces strength to enlighten then release as it brings on a reckoning, or a moment of truth. The power of a full moon can be felt 2-3 days before and after. This is the perfect time to set intentions, celebrate all that you already are and get in touch with yourself deeper to allow the full beauty of your being to shine through!


This workshop is best for beginners who might be new to wearing makeup or someone who feels stuck in a rut after years of using the same products and application methods. We will learn the basics of enhancing your natural beauty so you can feel confident in applying products on your face and save time and money on unnecessary purchases that don't work for you. This workshop includes: * Skincare consultation * Checking your makeup bag and tools, advice on what to keep or replace * Skin - color correcting and concealing * Brows - shape, color and method * Face - primers, foundations, application methods, powders, bronzing and highlighting, blush * Eyes - basic shadows, liner and mascara * Lips - colors and lipliners, application method Teacher Bio Bangkok-based professional makeup artist Natalie Lorence has lived and worked all over the world starting her career as Marketing Director for L'Oréal. Arriving in Bangkok 15 years ago she moved into modeling and make-up for luxury brands such as Chanel, Bulgari, Hermes, Van Cleef & Arpels. Natalie's on-screen presence as an actor has encompassed global silver-screen collaborations (The Impossible) as well as local movies, soap operas and other productions. She is a highly sought-after model and makeup artist for fashion shoots, weddings and runway shows. Natalie has been the makeup artist of choice for international celebrities Chrissy Teigen & Liya Kebede and the trusted Beauty Editor & Advisor to respected magazines Prestige, 2Magazine, Vanity Fair & L’Officiel.


Become your own healer and balance your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health with knowledge/experience from ancient traditions Ayurveda and Yoga, backed up with a modern touch. You will explore your unique body type and the foods and lifestyle best suited for you. You will find out more about daily and seasonal routines, cook basic detox foods, practice self-massage and discover healing practices.

Country or region: Thailand