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Shannta Silver Clay

Discover the magic of Silver Clay - an innovative material crafted from silver particles. Mold, shape, texture, carve, and sculpt with ease! Embrace endless creative possibilities as you transform this versatile clay into personalized, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Unleash your artistic spirit with a sustainable touch.

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Ta-Pian fish S size stud

The rattan 'Ta-Pian', in English 'Weaving RattanCarp', is a proud handicraft of traditional Thai settle in the riverside of a carp swim. Many parents equipped Ta-Pian hanging mobile over their child cradle as a wish for their child to be healthy and wealthy. Traditional Thai Art. Handmade with special Shannta's material and technique. Brighten up your style and preserve delicate Thai Arts with 99.9 pure silver 'Ta-pian'

Country or region: Thailand