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MAZZEL debuted in 2023 as the second boy group from BMSG. Their brilliant performances on top of their unique one-of-the-kind identity has rapidly established themselves as a remarkable presence in this new era of Japan’s music scene.

Witness the explosive chemistry as all eight members bring their unique personalities and talents together to create a mesmerising ensemble. The name ‘MAZZEL’ is a clever amalgamation of ‘Mazel,’ which translates to ‘good luck’ in modern Hebrew, along with ‘Maze’ and ‘Zeal.’ This moniker reflects the group’s unwavering determination to navigate life’s challenges, find happiness, and share it with their audience.

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1st Album “Parade”

2024.03.20 Release

Digital Single 'Waterfall'

2024.01.29 Release

2nd Single "Carnival"

2023.10.18 Release

Digital Single 'LIGHTNING'

2023.08.14 Release

Debut Single "Vivid"

2023.05.17 Release

Pre-Debut Single 'MISSION'

2023.03.31 Release

Country or region: Japan